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About the Program

FCX is proud to provide a number of programs outside the normal realm of training, competition, and soccer related activities.  One of those programs is the College Assistance Program or CAP Program.  This program is provided to our boys and girls teams U16 to U19.

The program is set up to serve the college bound player in a number of different areas.  Starting with the freshman year of high school and continuing through their senior year, this program provides information and guidance in such areas as:

> College Preparation > Information on both academic and athletic endeavors
> Admissions Counseling > Review any information that the players may have prepared themselves
> College Athletics > Discuss any questions that they players may have
> Recruiting > Discuss any questions that the parents may have
> College Contact Preparation > College test prep assistance
> College Research Assistance

For more details about CAP contact Bryan Mancill, the clubs College Assistance Program Director at [email protected].


FCX College Night

hosted by Bryan Mancill (former Mens and Womens Asst. Coach at Lindenwood University
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