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Welcome to the FCX Footskills Program!


  • Practice the skills the Level 1 block!
  • When you feel prepared, ask any FCX staff coach to assess your ability to do the skill.  
    Coaches will grade skills based on a players ability to do it smoothly and consistently (not just one time!!)
  • Once you have passed all 3 of the "Level 1" skills, move on to Level 2, etc...
Be the first on your team to pass all videos in a section and get a video posted of you showing off your skills!!

Level Intermediate
1 Heel, Toe, Pull Back
1 Heel, Toe, Pull Back Alternating Feet
1 Tap, Tap, Roll, Stepover
2 Double L Turn
2 Double V's
2 V - L
3 Backwards Triangles
3 L Turn, Roll Across (Opposite Foot)
3 V - L Switch Feet