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One of the questions coaches are asked all the time is "What can we do at home to improve?"  Along with juggling, working on footskills is another valuable way to increase comfort, confidence, touch and coordination with the ball.

The footskills below are taken from the New York Red Bulls Youth Academy Training Program and reorganized to make achievable levels that FCB staff feel will be challenging and beneficial to all players.


Below are 3 categories:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each players staff coach will set their team on a course they feel is an appropriate starting point.  The videos in each category are setup in order of three skills per level.  The player should "pass" all 3 skills for each level before moving on.


  • To view the pages below you must be logged in to your family account (accessible via Login button at top right)
  • Click on the category your coach has set (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Practice the skills in the Level 1 block!
  • When you feel prepared, ask any FCB/FCX staff coach to assess your ability to do the skill.  Coaches will grade skills based on a players ability to do it smoothly and consistently (not just one time!!)
  • Once you have passed all 3 of the "Level 1" skills, move on to Level 2, etc...

Be the first on your team to pass all videos in a section and get a video posted of you showing off your skills!!